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Blocked Drain Clearance

Most homeowners at sometime have; or will experience the panic of an emergency to their home. None more worrying than when water is the cause, from leaky roofs and plumbing to the nightmare of blocked drains and pipes. The nightmare of having water and sewage flooding the garden and into your home is at worst a disaster, but certainly an emergency that requires immediate solution. Whatever the size of your problem, you need quick efficient expertise to effectively stop and repair it quickly, safely and permanently. At AQUATECH DRAINS you can trust our engineers to fix any unpleasant problems fast, normally within hours. Drains can become blocked for a variety of unsuspecting reasons, from leaves or dirt being washed down the gullies to oils and fats being poured down the […]

CCTV Surveys and Inspections.

Services You Can Count On Aquatech Drains is the go-to company for all of your drain issues. No matter how big or difficult your problem seems to be, we have the expertise and technology to fix it and fix it fast. Our engineers will inspect your drains using advanced CCTV technology to ascertain the cause of your drainage problems. By determining the cause, it becomes easier to implement the most efficient, cost effective, and permanent solution to your drain or sewer problems. We have encountered every kind of problem that you can imagine in our years of service, so we are prepared to meet any challenge that your plumbing problem presents. Our primary services include: CCTV Surveys and Inspections Blocked Drains and Pipes Drain Repair 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service New […]

Drain Repairs

Sometimes what appears to be a simple drain blockage can turn out to be a case for the drain to be repaired. What if this happens to you? Firstly you need to trust the engineers assessment and then have the confidence that your repairs and resealing will be carried out by a specialist and skilled professional. Aquatech Drains are experts in identifying the fault, we can carry out a CCTV survey of your drains, giving a precise and accurate account of any damage, from this we offer the most cost effective solution to your needs. We are able to use a variety of lining techniques, and by choosing the correct method for your problem we can reduce any disruption to your home or business at cost effective prices. Whether you […]

Plumbing Emergency Repairs

Aquatech Drains have local Engineers and Plumbers on call to cover all your immediate emergency needs. We know and understand the panic that sets in when you get a drain or plumbing problem, you need it fixed NOW. We have 24 Hour Cover, throughout Sussex and Surrey. We will be on hand to repair: Burst pipes, taps, radiators, toilets, water leaks, tanks. We will be on hand to unblock: Pipes, sinks, toilets, drains, urinals. No hidden charges – Free Quotations – Speedy service. Don’t worry no problem is too small or large, we know panic sets in, so call us NOW and relax we can and will fix your problem on the spot. Towns We Service East Sussex Brighton Hove Lewes Eastbourne Uckfield Hastings Hailsham Bexhill on Sea Crowborough Newhaven […]

Gutter Cleaning

Professional Gutter Cleaning, Repair, and Maintenance Services Your gutter plays a critical role in the overall condition of your property. Overlooked issues, for instance, will clog up not only your roofing system, but your drainage and plumbing, as well. This is why it is important to ensure that your gutter is functioning like it should, and subsequently correct any problem as soon as it arises. Failure to do so will spell out a load of complicated repercussions that will leave you with mounting expenses and increasing inconvenience. Aquatech Drains understands the value that a well-kept gutter system offers. We are committed to helping every property owner capitalise on this through professional and competent services for gutters that they can trust. Our services are available for residential and commercial property owners. […]

Septic, Cesspit & Soakaway Repairs and Installation

Professional Repair & Maintenance Services for Septic Tanks, Cesspits, and Soakaways There is nothing more incredibly inconvenient or embarrassing than having problems with your property’s sewage and wastewater disposal systems. This becomes especially true when it is not just clogged or deteriorating pipes that are causing the problem, but the property’s disposal system itself. For this reason, you should be properly informed about the kind of sewage disposal system to use for your property, and who to call when problems arise. Depending on the type of property you have, as well as the land conditions and local building codes, the sewage and wastewater disposal system you can have installed may vary. In the event that your location does not connect to main sewage pipes provided by local governments or private […]

Drain Maintenance and Servicing

Complete Suite of Drain Maintenance and Servicing Solutions Drain blockages are among the most terrible plights that a home or building owner can find himself in. Whether they happen inside the bathroom or the kitchen, they can bring a ton of expensive and inconvenient problems such as bad odour and water damage. Aquatech Drains is dedicated to eliminating the hassle caused by malfunctioning drains for every property owner. With our professional team, we offer a complete suite of drain maintenance and servicing solutions available for both residential and commercial owners including: Cleaning and Unblocking. There are a lot of reasons why your drain may not be performing as expected. Whether it’s fat or grease or other objects causing a holdup in your drainage and piping, we can sort it out […]

New Drain Installation

Professional Installation of New Drains A home can only bring comfort and convenience to its inhabitants if all essential parts are functioning smoothly. No matter how well-built the structure looks on the outside, if the important systems are not functioning well, then it cannot possibly provide the best comfort, security and safety. Such is the case with the property’s drains and pipes that are heavily used for the home’s kitchen, bathroom, heating and cooling system, swimming pool, and sprinklers, among others. It is important that new drains are installed by trained and experienced contractors. This helps in ensuring you get long lasting performance and durability from your new installation, and will experience minimal problems with them for an extended period of time, if any. At Aquatech Drains, we understand the […]

Drain Insurance Advice

Aquatech drains does it all for you. Aquatech Drains takes over all the time-consuming and frustrating activities involved in making a claim and dealing with the insurance company. This is our business and we work to get your claim paid Aquatech Drains partner company has a claim handling service which is free to you, the customer – if your insurance policy covers the claim you’re making, you don’t pay us anything We do it all for you – to resolve your emergency, survey the problem, put together a report on the work to be done, present it to the insurance company and get your claim paid You never need to argue with the insurer, make lots of frustrating phone calls, or worry about finding a firm to do the job […]

Rat Intrusion & Prevention

Having uninvited guests like rats is a situation that none of us hope to ever find ourselves in. Unfortunately, many of us are besieged by this problem, owing to a plethora of reasons. The good news is, we don’t have to live with the pests forever. There are various ways to be freed from unwillingly and unknowingly renting out room to rats, and Aquatech Drains is well-versed in each one of them. We are dedicated to helping every property owner attain the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we are coexisting only with those we see and approve of. With our technical knowledge and personal experience, we are equipped to root out the hidey-holes of rats in your property, coax them out, and assure you of never having […]