CCTV Drain Surveys in Brighton and Hove

Do you require a CCTV Drain Survey to be carried out at your property in Brighton and Hove?

Aquatech Drains are your local drainage experts in undertaking drain surveys. We are a family team of friendly and experienced drainage experts providing our services to our Locals in Brighton and Hove. Click here to Meet Our Team.

Get a clear view of the existing sewer system to get a good idea what what issues your draining system may have. Our cameras are equipped with LED lights to give the best view. Learn more about how our CCTV Drain Surveys work or get in touch with us to get started!

Brighton Home-buyers CCTV Drain Survey

Are you looking to purchase a new house in Brighton and Hove and would like a CCTV Drain Survey carried out? 

Aquatech Drains undertake house purchase drain surveys daily as this will give a home-buyer a piece of mind that the existing drainage system will not require any extra expense in the near future.


On completion our customers receive a full detailed Wincan Report which includes the following:

  • Video footage

  • Location of any juntions/spurs

  • Diameter of sewer

  • Material of sewer

  • Condition of sewer and inspection chambers

  • Route of drainage system

  • Details of main sewer connection

  • Meterage of drainage

  • Invert level of manholes 

  • Map of the system 

  • Any defects/faults 

  • Recommendations and costings of any defects/faults

The CCTV Drain Survey Report will be sent via email or post (USB) in PDF format, along with video footage of the survey.

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Our Brighton CCTV Drain Survey Reviews

Proudly Serving

Below is a small insight of a CCTV Drain Survey Report in Brighton and Hove


Detailed Map of drainage system shown above with route of drainage, invert levels of manholes, sewer connections to the Brighton property and more!

CCTV Drain Survey Inspectio Report
CCTV Drain Survey Grade 3, 4, 5

Start and finish node of each section of sewer surveyed. Showing a screenshot image of sewer at each junction, sewer material change, any defects/faults, change of direction, any water level and more! 

Summary of any structural defects of the sewer, showing the fault description, how severe the damage is, and recommendation on urgent repair required or if damage is acceptable to be left untouched at present.