CCTV Drain Survey

How Does a CCTV Drain Survey Work?

CCTV Drain Survey is the drain inspection solution to discovering why your drainage system is not working efficiently or to investigate where your drainage and sewer systems flow and locate. 

Aquatech have the latest and best CCTV equipment which gives an incredible picture (view) of your piping systems, with the use of camera's and LED's to light up the pipe-work. We then produce a recording of your drain and sewer systems and write up a full report with the latest WinCan software which indicates and visually shows whether there are any defects in your systems which may be causing you problems.

What is the Purpose of a CCTV Drain Survey?

It may be that your drainage system has bad joints, cracks and fractures or deformation in the pipe-work which can cause drainage issues and even damage to the property. We can quickly find the problem and begin to discuss solutions to resolving the issue.

Aquatech are constantly investing in the latest equipment and operative training on the market to ensure the best service for our customers.

House Purchase Drain Survey

Whether you're selling or purchasing a property and need a drainage investigation and check carried-out. Aquatech undertake these works on a regular basis and will enable you to identify whether the drainage system of the property will cause you any problems or any loss of money in the future.

Build-Over Drain Survey

If you're looking to build-over an existing sewer that runs through your property then a drain survey is highly recommended to ensure there is no damage prior or post build-over. A drain survey will effectively determine that the sewer is functioning correctly and building control are able to successfully file that the works have been completed to the correct specification.

Our Wincan CCTV Drain Survey Report

Below is a small insight (section) of a Wincan CCTV report that all our customers receive... They are written and constructed in a format that allows any personnel to easily understand and read the drainage report. Internal images of your drainage pipework are included in the report as seen below, so it gives the customer a visual inspect of the condition of the drainage system, along with its position and depth. 

On completion of the CCTV Drain Survey on site we undertake a full Wincan Report which includes the following:

  • Site name

  • Weather conditions

  • Start manhole reference

  • Finish manhole reference

  • Manhole inverts levels

  • Direction of survey (upstream/downstream)

  • Sewer material

  • Sewer condition

  • Sewer size

  • Sewer length with meterage count, matching the recording display

  • Detailed plan and map of drainage

  • Details of any strucutral damage (cracks, fractures and displaced joints) 

  • Water level

  • Any sewer connections/outlets

  • Any recommendations of repairing any defects of the sewer and costing

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As you can see below with some of our CCTV Drain Survey checkatrade reviews we provide a friendly, professional service.

CCTV survey, house purchase.

“Jason went above and beyond for us. Needed a CCTV done asap as was holding up our mortgage. I would recommend.”

Survey for new domestic soil pipe and drain

“I believed I needed a camera survey to investigate historic sewers around my existing property to install a new soil pipe for an ensuite bathroom, but following investigation, Jason advised a cheaper method of surveying. I was pleased with his open and honest responses and believe his previous background with Southern Water is invaluable in providing practical solutions. I was also pleased he conducted this initial survey at no cost. Thank you.”

Camera survey for house purchase.

“Very friendly service, amazing and detailed re part and DVD, highly recommend.”

Investigated our drains, discovered some defects and mended them all.

“I found Jason's work brilliant! He went the extra mile to help us find out what the issue was and then helped make good the problems. He did it at a really reasonable price, in good time and to a really good standard. I would really recommend Jason.”

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