Water Mains in East Sussex

Do you have a water leak in your property in East Sussex?

Aquatech Drains have the experience and knowledge to resolve your water main leaks urgently and professionally. 

Safe digging methods will be carried out at the position of the water main burst to expose and access the damaged water line. Once accessed, the burst pipeline will be cut-out and replaced with new!

It is as simple as that.

Do you want your water main pipeline renewed?

We are specialists at Water Main Moling, the most cost effective trenchless method of renewing your water pipeline and eliminating reinstatement costs. 

How does moling work?

A launch pit will be excavated to the required depth which will be the start point of the mole and the water pipe renewal. The mole will directed to the reception pit, at which this is end point of the water pipe renewal. Once the impact mole has completed the transition through the grounds, the new MDPE pipeline will be pulled back and lastly connected back to the stop tap feed.  

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