Soakaway & Aco Drainage

What are Soakaway Drains?

Soakaways are an efficient solution to discharge your surface water away from your property. The solution practically involves digging a substantial excavated hole (dependent on the amount of water needed to discharge) in the ground and replacing the soil with storm crates, that enable's the storage of surface water and therefore allows time for this to seep into the existing surrounding grounds.


Storm crates are the modernized solution of soakaways and allow 93% of stored water, enabling the storm water to seep into existing grounds. A soakaway must be installed at least 5m away from your property and preferably installed in chalky or gravely/sandy soil which are a permeable material for the discharge of storm water. Surrounding the storm crates in a fabric membrane reduces the risk of tree roots from growing into the soakaway. Lastly Aquatech find covering the surrounding soakaway in 20mm shingle provides greater effectiveness of discharging the storm water into the surrounding sub-soil.



What is Aco drainage?

Aco channels are also a solution to discharge surface water and reduce the risk of flooding around your property. The solution involves the aco channel being installed at the lowest point, where the surface water is most likely to gather. The aco channels as a result collects the surface water and discharges into either a soakaway or existing surface water drainage system.

Aquatech have the knowledge and Experience to resolve and prevent these problems happening around your properties. 


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Aquatech Drains recent Soakaway Drain Install

Reasons for a Soakaway drains no longer soaking away:

  • Build up of silt and debris in the soakaway

  • Previous soakaway installed with using brick and block waste

  • Tree roots ingrown 

  • Installed in poorly surrounding ground (clay)

  • Blocked drain pipe discharging rainwater into soakaway

  • Damage to the soakaway

  • Soakaway not adequate enough to take the amount of rainwater discharged into it

These are all common issues as to why your soakaway may not be functioning as it should. A free site visit from Aquatech will enable you to investigate and discover what may be the issue and to discuss the most cost effective solution.

Aquatech Drains recent ACO Drains Installation

Saw-cut into existing concrete slab for ACO drainage instalment

Saw-cut into existing concrete slab for ACO drainage instalment

400mm wide Floor saw-cut into existing concrete slab for new ACO channel instalment

ACO Channel drainage instalment

ACO Channel drainage instalment

Instalment of new 200mm deep x 160mm wide ACO channels on a high strength concrete base with reinforcement bars bonding the new concrete to the old

Drainage excavation works

Drainage excavation works

ACO drainage installed

ACO drainage installed

ACO channels installed and surrounded in high strength concrete to withstand heavy vehicles

Completed ACO channel drainage and fully surrounded in high strength concrete

Completed ACO channel drainage and fully surrounded in high strength concrete

Completed ACO channel drainage with F900 loading class gratings to withstand heavy vehicles