Drain & Sewer Installation

Drainage installation is a complex procedure whether its replacing the existing faulty drainage or installing for a new build. Aquatech are an experienced team of engineers that are highly capable of installing drain and sewer networks.


Main drainage must be installed to specific standards ie covered in shingle, a sufficient gravity fed fall and the appropriate pipe size for the amount of waste discharged in the system.


We endure our experience and knowledge in the drainage industry to recommend and discuss the best solutions for your drain and sewer problems and give the fairest costs to all our customers.

We install drainage and sewer systems at any scale, using the appropriate materials and the correct design to create an efficient and long lasting system. 

Southern Water Sewer build-over

If you're looking to extend out a new build over a Southern Water main sewer then we can push you in the right direction and undertake any Southern Water sewer installs/diversions. Aquatech have direct connections to Southern Water and have undertook many sewer diversions and installs for our customers that had to meet the specific standards of the drain/sewer system. 

For more information please head over to our Southern Water Sewer Build-over page.

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