Frequently Asked Drainage Questions

Drainage FAQs

What causes blocked drains?

Quite frequently drains are blocked with the items that are flushed down the toilet system ie cosmetic wipes, or sanitary items that do not easily dispose when soaked in water. Or disposal of grease, fat and food down your kitchen sink that will gather and build up in the kitchen waste pipes and therefore causing a blockage. However, drains can also unblock due to structural damage or growth of tree roots in the system. Aquatech will be able to identify the cause of the blockage through our specialist equipment and experience.

What are the signs of a blocked drain?

Slow draining sinks, slow draining toilet system with high levels of water, bad smells coming from you drainage man-holes, gurgling in the pipe. These are the most common signals of a blocked drain.

How do you unblock a drain and how long does it take?

Aquatech use the best equipment on the market being a high pressure water jetting system embbedded into our fleet of vans that are able to blast very high pressures of water in your drainage system that break up the debris/items that are blocking the flow. We also use cable-machines for unblocking kitchen waste pipe that spin in the pipework and break up the cause of the blockage. Dependant on the size and natrure of the blockage we are unable to say an exact time, however Aquatech have a fixed unblocking cost with no hidden costs inlcuded and you will only be charged if we clear the blockage.

When are CCTV Drain Surveys necessary?

If you are frequently getting blocked drains and constantly paying out for unblocking costs then a CCTV drain survey would discover exactly why it keeps happening in your drainage system. You will then recieve a full survey report and video showing the insides of your system and recommendations on resolving the issue.

Would a CCTV Drain Survey be practical if im buying a new poperty?

Yes, a CCTV drain survey would be very useful when purchasing a property as the existing drainage system may be faulty and therefore cause you trouble as soon as you move-in. Or it gives you a peice of mind that the drainage system is in good conditon before purchasing the property.

How are vermin entering my property?

A common way that vermin enter your property is through its drainage system via the main sewer network that you're connected to. Nearly every property will have a running trap (U-bend) that holds wastewater in the bend to stop anything from entering through the pipework and into your own drainage system. However not always do these work efficently as due to there being a rodding eye access this leaves the pipe open for vermin to enter. A solution that we have installed many times for our clients is a non-return valve or a rat-blocker, these are a very cost effective solutions. See our Pest-control page for more info.

Why am I getting bad smells?

Bad smells can be occuring by a blockage in the system at which the smells will need to ventilate out. Or you could have structural damage to the pipework of your drainage system that is allowing sewage to escape into the surrounding grounds and therefore giving off bad sewage smells. To solve this problem Aquatech offer free site investigations to discover why and where its happening and can then discuss further with any recommendations.

What areas do you cover?

Aquatech mainly cover all of the following areas; East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Essex and London. However we do also work throughout the UK.

How can I prevent my kitchen sink from blocking up?

A method we tell many of our customers is by simply pouring boiling hot water from your kettle down your sink every other week. This process will break-up any fat and oil that may be settling and building up in your drainage pipe and allow it to drain out into the main drainage. Also by disposing your cooking oil in your waste bin instead of pouring it down your kitchen sink will ensure you do not get a build-up of the oil in your kitchens drainage pipes.

Why is my soakaway no longer working?

The most common reasons why your soakaway may not be working properly are; - years of build up of debris and silt in your soakway which then reduces the ability for the soakaway to dispense surface water - you may have an old traditonal soakaway which is practically a hole in the ground which is then filled with hardcore and rubble which does not provide great efficeny of soaking surface water. The more up to date soakaway is constructed using polystorm crates which can hold up to 93% of surface water - you may have a blockage in the pipeline which connects the sokaway to your properties land drainage - ingrown tree roots can cause blcokages in the soakaway - the soakway may not be designed to take the current volume of surafce water that is being discharged into it

How much does it cost to unblock my drain?

We can provide an accurate cost for you when you contact us so we have a more understanding of the blockage so that we can be as fair as possible. We also do not charge any call-out or additonal fees and our prices are set, whether it takes us 1/2 hour or over an hour. We can guarantee to be highly competitive and provide a professional and friendly service.

Can you repair my drains instead of having to excavate and reinstall?

If you require you drain to be repaired from either structural damage (cracks, fractures, holes) or ingrown tree roots then aquatech can provide no-dig repair technologies that reduce the need to dig-up and replace your drains. Drain lining and patching is done by moulding a new pipe inside of the existing which seals and repairs any structural damage. We also have equipment which can eat away and remove any ingrown tree roots, which then the broken pipe can be sealed to reduce the risk of the roots causing any more problems in the future.

What guarantee do I get for the drainage repair works you carry out?

Aquatech Drains offer a 5-year guarantee for all the drainage repair works that we undertake.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions, we are always here to give any advice to push you in the right direction.