Sewage Pumping Stations

Foul Sewage Pump Installation

Foul sewage pumps are an efficient solution to pumping foul sewage at an uphill gradient to a main sewer network, when the property is at a lower ground than the sewer network. 

These are very useful for an out-build in a properties garden where the need of a wastewater flushing system to be installed, connecting to the main drainage of the property. However in most cases the out-build will be at a lower level of ground meaning the typical gravity fed drainage system connecting to the main drainage being inadequate to discharge the foul water. Therefore a foul sewage pump is the solution!


Drainage pumping chambers are able to pump the wastewater at an uphill gradient to the main drainage of the property, leaving you with a full flowing system connecting to your out-build.   


Drainage pumping chambers are also used to discharge rainwater away from a property into a surface water drain.


We install these at any scale/size and are very cost effective drainage method.  


A free site visit from Aquatech will involve discussing the best solution for you.

Aquatech Drains Recent Pumping Station Instalment

Here is a recent project of ours installing a foul drainage pump into a property that had previously been renovated with two saniflo toilets which the property owner was not happy with. Aquatech then came up with a more efficient solution to discharge the waste to the main drainage system that was on a higher level than the property using a foul drainage pump.  

Some of our checkatrade reviews...

New sewage pump connecting the outside space to the main house system.

“Jason and his team worked really hard to find a solution to this job. The pump and piping needed to travel 20 meters up a steep hill. All in really good working order three months on. Good price, I would highly recommend.”

Drain run to garden room to existing main drainage 30 m in total.

“Exceptional service, very reliable team and re-laid garden to highest standard.”