Pest Control and Flood Defense

Do you have Vermin problems within your property?

Vermin can enter your property through the drainage system and cause you many problems. Aquatech have resolved many of these issues with our clients as this is a very common issue.


To prevent and resolve this drainage problem we install non-return valves or vermin-traps into your Man-hole (pipework) as to where they enter your properties drainage system via the main sewer. The valves are a one-way flowing system that allows your wastewater to discharge through and out into the main sewer network. However the valve does not allow any wastewater or vermin to enter into your individual drainage system from the main sewer.

Flood Defense

Flooding can occur through many ways and one of the main forms of flooding is by your drainage system, as here in the UK we have recently been getting some severe weathering meaning the surface water drainage being unable to cope with this significant increase of rainwater. Therefore Aquatech also use these non-return valves for flood defence of properties which reduce the risk of flooding of the drainage system and as a result your property. We have installed these into many drainage systems that were suffering from flooding, leaving them flood-free.  


This solution is very cost effective and resolves the issue very effectively and quickly. 


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A few of our Non-return valves & Rat-blocker Installs

Non-return valve installed
vermin control
pest control drainage
rat-blocker installed
instalment of rat-blocker
rat blocker