Drain and Sewer Repair

Aquatech have the skills and equipment to resolve your drainage problems. Our fleet are fully equipped with the latest and best equipment on the market so that we can carry out drainage repairs very efficient and successfully, with a long-lasting solution.  


Are there 'No-dig' Solutions to Drain and Sewer Repair?

  • Drain Lining

Drain Lining is an efficient solution to seal and resolve any cracks, fractures or bad joints in the pipework, which is a long lasting solution. It consists of molding a new pipe inside of the existing 'damaged' drain and sewer pipe and hardens to a very strong and lasting material (pipe). 

  •  Patch Repairs

Patch repairs are very similar to Drain Lining but this solution is used for when it is a small section of pipe that is damaged and broken. This is a very cost effective solution to repair your existing drainage and sewer system.

  • Picote chain flail

Our picote miller allows us to carry-out

de-spalling (rusting) of the existing cast-iron

pipe work and restore it back to its original

condition without have to excavate and replace

the drainage system. This solution will also

remove any other obstacle that may be in the

system ie concrete, scale etc. This saves

thousands in costs from having to excavate

and replace the faulty drainage system. 


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In-grown roots -  CCTV drain and sewer repair resolved by Aquatech.  


Do you have blocked drains from tree roots? In-grown roots are a common structural drainage issue which can result in a faulty drainage system leaving you with recurring blockages. Here we removed the root mass by high pressure water jetting. Once the roots had been removed we then sealed the damage pipe with a patch repair that sealed the broken pipe with a newly moulded pipe. With the use of local liners (patch repairs) we are able to create a very strong and durable drainage pipe with the use of fibreglass and silicate resin that binds together and creates a chemical reaction. We can therefore guarantee a strong and long-lasting drainage repair.