Tanker Services

Road Gully Maintenance

Aquatech carry-out regular road gully maintenance on estates and highways to remove all debris and silts that build-up in the drainage gullies. Leaving a perfectly cleansed flowing system on completion of works.

Septic Tank Maintenance

We carry-out regular maintenance on septic tanks with our vacuum tanker to ensure all build-up of waste, fat, oil and grease is removed, allowing the pumping system to work freely and not cause any further blockage issues and faults. 


Surface Water Catch-pits

Regular maintenance on surface water catch-pits is essential for a free flowing drainage system. Aquatech carry-out the works of removal of debris and silts that build-up within the chamber and prevent future blockage of the system. 

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Highway Drainage Cleansing

We carry out works for Civil and Construction companies to cleanse and CCTV Survey newly installed and existing drainage for handover to clients.

  • Combined Drainage Kerbs System Cleansing

  • Surface Water Drainage Cleansing

  • Foul Water Drainage Cleansing

  • Road Gully Cleansing

Culvert Cleaning

We undertake regular cleaning of culverts ranging from various diameters, to ensure storm water can discharge freely through residential and commercial estates.