Commercial CCTV Drain Survey

Drainage handover checks

Aquatech carry-out a lot of commercial CCTV Drain Surveys for construction firms who need the newly installed drainage system to be checked and ticked off before handover to client.

Drainage mapping

CCTV Drain Survey is the solution to mapping the existing sites sewer system. We have all the equipment to map and even locate where possible buried manholes are within the site. 

Pre drainage condition checks

Aquatech have the latest and best CCTV equipment which gives an incredible picture (view) of the conditions of the existing piping systems, with the use of camera's and LED's to light up the pipe-work. We then produce a recording of your drain/sewer systems and write up a full report with the latest WinCan software which indicates and visually shows whether there are any defects in your systems which may be causing drainage issues. 

Here's a small insight (section) of a Wincan CCTV report that all our clients receive...

Aquatech use Mini-Cam and Pearpoint camera equipment, both being the top drainage equipment on the market. We are able to undertake CCTV surveys at any piping size with the equipment that our fleet are fully equipped with.

We are constantly investing in the latest equipment and operative training on the market to ensure the best service for our clients.  


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