Advanced Drain Cleaning Technology

As technology continues to innovate new techniques and drainage equipment, we at Aquatech Drains are always one of first to provide the new service for our customers and clients.

A new drain cleaning machine called a PICOTE Mini Miller has come to market and we provide this new service to our customers. This new piece of equipment allows us to restore aged drainage systems and bring it back to new!

Here is how it works...

A high speed rotating chain chews away any build up of scale, fat, ingrown tree roots and any other obstruction that causing obstructions to the flow of your sewer.

Also the Picote can restore old cast-iron drainage pipes that have endured spalling (rust) and has resulted in continuous blocked drains due to insignificant pipe diameter size.

This new innovative solution can save thousands in costs from having to replace the old and faulty drainage and in fact at least halves the price in getting your drainage back to new! It is another no-dig drain repair to provide our customers with cost-saving solution.

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