Restoration of old drainage pipes...

How do I save money on having to replace my drains?

Aquatech drains have invested in the latest equipment on the market to provide cost-saving drainage repair methods to our customers. Our Picote Milling machine will save you from a great amount of hassle and money to eliminate on having to replace your old, faulty drainage.

How does the equipment work?

Our heavy duty Picote cable machine and tiger chains spin at high speeds when inserted into the pipework, which chew away any obstruction which is affecting the flow and discharge of waste water. There is not much which this effective machine cannot remove and break up in your sewer system to restore your old pipework.

Once all obstructions have been broken up, we high pressure water jet to remove all waste from the pipework, leaving the system free flowing and back to its original design capacity.

What can the Picote Miller remove from my drains?

Our Milling machine can remove all of the below from your drains:

  • Build up of scale

  • Encrustations

  • Old cast-iron pipework which has internal rusting/spalling

  • Concrete

  • Any other obstructions in your drains

See below a recent drain restoration project carried out using our milling machine...