How can getting my Septic Tank Emptied solve my drainage issues?

Firstly if your drainage systems runs on a septic tank this means that your property is not connected to a main sewer systems. This is most common for properties that are situated in an rural area, where a main sewer system is not currently present. As a result septic tanks provide a perfectly adequate solution to discharge your sewage.

How do septic tanks work?

Septic Tanks are designed to separate the solids and the wastewater through a filter system. The tank allows the discharge of wastewater but not the solids as this would result in an environmental problem. Therefore it is important to carry out regular cleansing and emptying of your septic tank to remove all build up of solids.

What are the common signs that my Septic Tank needs emptying?

  • Slow draining of your toilet, sink, baths and kitchen waste

  • Unusual pooling around your septic tank, which is a sign that your septic tank is forcing wastewater out of the system due to overusing

  • Bad smells around your property and septic tank

  • Unusual plant growth around your septic tank

  • Gurgling sound when flushing your wastewater

If you are accounting any of the above signs it may be giving you a sign that your septic tanks requires urgent maintenance and emptying.

Aquatech Drains always recommend on having a maintenance plan for your septic tank to ensure that you do not undercome any drainage issues in the future.

For more information and costs of having your septic tank emptied, please visit our page below and do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information or advice!


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