Aquatech’s Drain Repair Work...

Drain repairs are undertaken on a faulty drainage system where the existing drainage is not functioning as it should. The most common structural damage on drains are the following;

  • Root damage

  • Crack and Fractures

  • Bad/displaced joints

  • Collapsed drain

  • Broken manhole cover

If any of these faults have occurred then this will result in a faulty drainage system and will eventually cause you blockages and even damage to your property if not resolved correctly. Drain repair work must be carried out by professional drainage engineers to ensure the works to be undertaken safely and effectively and Aquatech have years of experience within drain repairs.

The drain repairs that we often carry out are:

  • Patch Repairs; this drain repair consists of locally moulding a new pipe inside of the existing damaged pipe which therefore seals the damaged pipe whether its a crack/fracture or a bad/displaced joint. This solution is very effective and regains the strength and durability of the drainage system leaving it problem free! This solution saves thousands of pounds on having to dig and replace the broken drainage pipe.

  • Drain Lining; this drain repair is similar to a patch repair but the difference is that drain lining will consist of moulding a new pipe inside of the existing drainage system but from manhole to manhole therefore it repairs the whole drainage system instead of just a section of pipe. Therefore it creates a brand new moulded pipe inside of the existing and repairs the whole section of the drainage system with a strong and long-lasting solution with the use of pipe liner and chemicals. This also prevents having to spend thousands on digging up and replacing the whole drainage section.

  • Replacement of manhole cover; we simply replace the broken manhole cover with a newly installed one. This is a quick and easy repair at which isn't costly at all!

Patch repairs and drain lining are the modernised drain repair solutions which are hugely effective at repairing an existing faulty drainage system without having to dig-up and replace the drains which can costs huge sums of money and you'd also rather not have to dig up inside of your property to replace the drainage that may run underneath.

If you have reoccurring blocked drains in your properties drainage system then this is a massive sign that you may have structural damage of your drains and by receiving a cctv drain survey, you will be able to identify exactly the problem at which is causing this to happen. It is crucial to resolve these damaged drains as quickly as possible as it endures a risk of not only frequent blocked drains but also damage to your surrounding property. By having a leaky drain it allows the waste water to enter the surroundings and potentially settle the grounds and create large voids, leaving a very unsettled and weak ground in and around your property.

Aquatech Drains have years of experience in carrying out these drain repairs and we are here to point you in the right direction with free advice and recommendations. So if you feel you may have a faulty drainage system that is damaged then contact us to discuss further and we will take the worries out of your hands and resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.