Blocked Drains in Brighton

Blocked drains in Brighton...

They can be a very unpleasant problem to experience with some possible nasty smells appearing in and around your property, so the need to get the problem solved fast is the priority. Blocked drains can be caused by a few ways, the main one being the waste that is flushed down the system i.e. sanitary products, wipes, fat, oil, grease and other materials. Flushing these down your drainage system increase the risk of a blockage due to the materials being unable to flow out with the wastewater resulting in a build-up in the pipe and causing a blockage of the flow. Wipes and sanitary products down the toilet are a big no no and this is a very common issue with blocked drains and so disposing of these in your waste bin is the way forward to preventing your drains from blocking up.

Also flushing fat and oil down your kitchen sink will increase the risk of a blockage in the pipe due to fat and oil turning into a solid material and settling, therefore this will continue to build-up and result in a blockage. Therefore also disposing this in your waste bin will help your drains out a lot and with you taking care of your drainage it will also look after you. A quick tip for you to prevent a blocked drain occurring in your kitchen waste pipes is by pouring boiling hot water down your kitchen sink every other week as this allows for any solidified fat and oil that may be sitting in the drain pipes to return back to liquid form and be flushed out.

It may be that you treat you drainage well and do not abuse it with products and FOG (fat, oil and grease) and so you're wondering why your drains keep blocking up. This then brings us on to structural damage of your drains and what we mean by this is the drainage possibly being either collapsed and/or bad joints, fractures and cracks. Due to the structural damage of the drains this results in a restriction of the flow and which toilet paper can get caught at the bad joints or fractures and therefore build-up and cause a blockage. Also if the drain is collapsed then the flow of wastewater will be obstructed and reoccurring blockages will happen in the drainage system. Resolving this issue comes with ease for us drainage professionals with years of experience. The first action to take is to carry out a cctv drain survey on the drains to discover the reason for the blockages and to locate the structural damage of the drains. Once discovered Aquatech will give free recommendations and quotations to repairing the drains so that all is in full-flow with no further drainage problems.

Overall taking care of your drainage is crucial to reducing the risk of getting blocked drains and so by being aware of the products you flush down your system and by using an alternative way which we discussed previously is the way to go. Also if your drainage is under a lot of use then receiving professional actions by Aquatech with maintenance on your drains with our high pressure water jetting to completely clean out your main drains will leave you with a full flowing system that will not cause you any further problems.

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