Brighton's Victorian Sewer System

Brighton and Hove's sewer operates on an old Victorian Sewer that runs through the city and is still in use as of today.

Victorian bricklayers undertook an approximate build of 48km of sewer in the mid 1800's to provide Brighton & Hove with drainage solutions.

With no mechanical machines or equipment the labour was very intensive to build the infrastructure, by using pickaxes and wheelbarrows. Steam-driven cranes were also used to move the heavier materials.

Using timber supports and the cut and cover method to dig the Victorians were able to safely build the Brighton Sewer system. Sections of the sewer was built in egg-shaped to help with the flow of sewage.

A duration of 3 years, Brighton's sewer was then completed in 1874, costing a total of £105,000 which is the equivalent of £11m in todays economy.

We would highly recommend taking the tour of the Victorian Sewer!