Drain Unblocking in Worthing

Aquatech Drains are very regularly visiting Worthing with issues on blocked drains of individual properties who are in need of a drain professional. We understand that having a blockage in your drains is a very unpleasant problem to have and may leave you with some nasty smells in and around your property so the need of resolving the issue quickly is the main priority which is why Aquatech are only a call away from helping you resolve the drainage issue.

The most common causes of blocked drains:

  • Wipes

  • Sanitary products

  • Build-up of hair

  • Fat, Oil and Grease

  • Food waste

  • Coffee granules

  • Items dropped down the toilet

Blocked drains are very common within Worthing as we are frequently visiting on resolving the drainage issue for many customers. What Aquatech tend to carry out on blocked drains is high pressure water jetting of the main drains and it pretty much works by blasting high pressures of water in the drains and breaking up the blockage of the flow. Our fleet of vans are fully equipped with these systems and so we are able to unblock any drain blockage at any scale.

On the other hand if the blockage of your drains is in your kitchen waste pipes, we use a cable machine which basically spins in the pipe and breaks up the cause of the blockage which is mostly commonly fat, oil or food waste. We use this method due to the pipes in your kitchen waste are small in diameter therefore using a cable machine is much more efficient and solves the drainage issue effectively.

Some quick tips on preventing blocked drains in Worthing

  • Dispose food waste, fat and oil in your waste bin

  • Flush your kitchen sink drains through with boiling hot water from the kettle every other week

  • Dispose wipes and sanitary products in your waste bin

  • Clean out the drain grill in your bath/shower of hair and ensure you have one of these

  • Reduce the risk of items being dropped down the toilet

Overall be cautious of what you dispose down your drains and do not use it for disposal of items and food products. By doing so your drains will be free flowing and will not cause you any further problems (blockages). If you're in need of a drainage professional and advice then do not hesitate to contact Aquatech Drains.