Drainage, flooding prevention

As we have been hit numerous times by severe weather in the UK, the risk of flooding has increased with devastating effects. As a result one of the main ways to prevent the flooding of a property is by having a full-working drainage system and flooding prevention control within. Therefore Aquatech have some very efficient tips and drainage recommendations to prevent flooding from happening to you.

blocked drains
flooding of surface water drains

  1. Firstly if you find that your drains i.e. sink, shower, toilet or external drains is draining very slowly then this indicates that you have drainage problems which is restricting the flow. Therefore if left unresolved this can lead to flooding of the drains and even the property. Subsequently receiving a drainage inspection and cctv drain survey will detect why your drains are blocking up and possibly causing the surrounding areas to flood, as we are able to visually see inside of the drains and detect whether the blockage is being cause by a build-up of debris/sediment or structural damage the drains. However either can be resolved quickly and efficiently with our knowledge and experience.

  2. Secondly it may be that the drainage system has a faulty interceptor trap (u-bend) which is practically the end point of your drains where it runs off from your property and into the main drains. It is a very common issue with many drain systems as these would have been installed back in the victorian times and so it may be at its due date. As a result a faulty trap will result in constant blockages and flooding of the drains, therefore it will come to the need of removing this part of the drainage system. However these interceptor traps are designed to also block-out vermin from entering your drains and even your property via the main sewer. Resultantly Aquatech have a very cost-effective solution to resolve this issue which is by installing a non-return valve into the drains which only allows the wastewater to flow out but does not allow any vermin or wastewater back in by a very durable and strong flap. Therefore flooding of the main sewer would not mean flooding of your individual drainage as the non-return valve blocks out wastewater from entering by its one-way system. For more information visit our pest control page.

  3. Another tip is to get regular drain cleaning either by undergoing the at home drain cleaning tips which we discussed on our other blog of 'preventing blocked drains' or by getting a professional drainage engineer to carry-out high pressure water jetting of your main drainage and removing any scale, debris or roots that may be building-up in your drains. As a result by having a full flowing drainage system will certainly reduce the risk of flooding and cause you no further problems.

Aquatech drains can endure our experience and knowledge to resolve any drainage issue that you may have and ensure that your drains do not cause you frequent problems and flooding of your property. We offer a pre-planned drainage maintenance programme at which we carry-out a full drainage cleanse and leave a perfectly clean and flowing system. Also whether you are getting frequent blocked drains and need a drainage investigation to detect why this keeps happening then we can undertake a full cctv drain survey at a low cost and you will receive free recommendations as to resolving the drainage problem. Contact our friendly team today to seek advice.