Drainage maintenance tips

Blocked drains can cause a very unpleasant environment within your property and cause you many issues at which you'd rather not have to reach out to a drainage engineer. Therefore there are a few ways as to which you can prevent and maintain your drainage from blocking.

  1. Firstly be cautious of what you are putting down your drains (toilet and kitchen sink) as flushing wipes down your toilets reguarly increase the chances of them building up in the drains and causing a blockage. Also fat, oil and grease down your kitchen sink will eventually settle and build-up in the drainage pipes, therefore resulting in a blocked drain. Therefore when cooking with oil dispose it within your waste using a paper towel. This also relates to food waste which should not be despensed down the drains and to be thrown in your bin. As a result your drainage should only be used for waste water and sewage.

  2. Every other week flush your kitchen waste pipes (kitchen sink) with boiled water which allows any fat, oil and grease that may have entered the drainage to break-up and turn into liquid form and therefore be flushed out of your drainage pipes.

  3. Do not put any harmful chemicals down the drain that may have been advertised for unblocking drains as these chemicals can potentially melt the plastic pipes that drain your kitchen sinks waste and cause you many more problem than before. These chemicals can also be very harmful when in contact with it so its best to stay well away from these.

  4. Never flush any sanitary products down the toilet as these do not break-up easily within the water resulting in them building up in your drains and causing a blockage. Therefore dispose these within your waste/rubbish system.

  5. Try to reduce the amount of hair that enters the drainage from your shower as this can build-up very quickly and cause a blockage. Make sure that you have a drain cover on your shower that catches most of the hair and every so often clear the drain grill out.

Overall if you take care of your drainage system it will very rarely cause you problems and cost you money. Therefore a good drainage maintenance will certainly prevent blocked drains from occurring. Also its very efficient to have a professional drainage engineer to high pressure water jet your main drainage to stop the build-up of scale within and leave a full-flowing drainage system that will certainly not block. Aquatech drains offer a pre-planned drainage maintenance scheme at a low cost which can be carried-out monthly or yearly dependant on the amount of use and condition of the drainage. For more information visit our pre-planned drainage maintenance page and feel free to contact us.

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