How to prevent Blocked Drains...

Updated: Apr 29, 2018

Why blocked drains occur...

Firstly blocked drains occur by the items that are flushed through its systems ie cosmetic wipes, sanitary products, grease, fat, oil and hair. This items do not easily break-up within the flow of water in the drainage system, resulting in a build-up of these are therefore blocking your drains. Therefore depositing the cosmetic and sanitary products in your waste trash would dispose of these and not cause you problems with your drainage. Also applying a drain cover to your plug holes will catch and stop these materials from entering your drainage system. Nevertheless just being cautious with what you put down your system and taking care of how you dispose these items.

Boiling Hot Water

Pouring boiling hot water from you kettle down your kitchen sink once a week can prevent the oils, grease and fat from building up in your drainage waste system. Therefore this re-liquidises the oils that are collecting in the drainage pipe and allow it to flow out of your waste pipes and into the main drainage system.

Covering your drains

Covering your drains with grills and sieves will prevent any material from entering your drainage system and will only allow the water waste to enter and dispose. As a result there will then be no reason why there should be any blockage within you drain pipes. Apply gully grills to your external gullies which stop leaves/debris from entering and causing a blockage.

Cleared blocked drain
Cleared gully with grill

Professional drainage assistance needed

In some cases blocked drains can occur from structural damage of the drainage system or a blockage that needs some extra man-power and equipment to clear at which our professional assistance and expertise can resolve your problems efficiently.

Overall taking care of you drainage system will leave you with a problem-free system and cause you no trouble.

Aquatech Drains are always here for any further advise and recommendations on the drainage problems that you have.