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Ins and outs of a CCTV Drain Survey

CCTV drain survey

What is a CCTV drain survey?

A CCTV survey is a live detailed report showing the integrity condition of the existing drainage system, with the use of the latest LED camera equipment to record and visually inspect the condition of the drainage pipes. Which therefore allow our engineers to get a good view and identify any problems with the drainage system.

When are CCTV drain surveys necessary?

Often when a customer is getting frequent blocked drains then this is a sign of structural damage to the drainage system therefore a need of a drain survey to investigate and inspect why this keeps occurring and resolving the problem quickly and efficiently. Also when you're purchasing a new property and require an inspection into the existing drainage system to prevent any occurring problems to the buyer in the future and to give a piece of mind as to if the system is flowing efficiently. Therefore allowing the buyer to make decisions before signing any contract of the property.

  • What are the most common defects found by a drain survey?

  • Tree roots ingrown

  • collapsed drain

  • cracks and fractures of the pipework

  • displaced joints

  • build-up of fat, debris and scale

  • vermin entering the drainage system

  • water levels and back-falls, poor installation

What our customers receive with a CCTV drain survey

Our customers will receive; a fully Wincan report showing the visual insights of the drainage pipework and including any defects/structural damage to the system with recommendations on solving the problem. A detailed plan (mapping) of the drainage in and around the property. A video recording of the whole survey that is carried-out.

Aquatech Drains provide cctv drain surveys at any scale and resolve any drainage issues that may be occurring within your property quickly and efficiently at a very competitive cost. Our engineers are highly skilled and provide a friendly and professional service. For more information visit our services and contact us today.

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