Signs of a broken drain/sewer

Damaged drains

Damaged drains can cause many problems to you from constant drain blockages and having to pay frequently for the problem to be unblocked and solved. They can also cause a very messy and unhygienic environment in and around your property which is vital to get the drainage problem fixed and solved as quickly as possible.

broken drain
Tree roots growing through the broken joint in the drainage system

Blocked drains

The constant back-up of you drainage system and reoccurring blocked drains is one of the main signs of a broken drain. This is due to a possibility of a broken joint, drain and/or tree roots growing inside of the drainage system (structural damage), therefore resulting in the flow being disrupted by the obsticle and causing a blockage and build-up of waste water that is discharged through the system.

Bad smells

Bad smells can be occuring due to a broken drainage system (joint or pipe) that is allowing the sewage to escape the system and build-up in the surrounding grounds resulting in the sewage giving off these bad smells. Also this can be happening due to an unsealed man-hole cover that is allowing the sewage smells to ventilate out and into the surrounding environment.

Damp and mould

If you are getting damp and mould in and around your property then this could be due to a leakage in your drainage system that is allowing the waste water to seep out of the drainage system through its broken joints and/or broken pipe and therefore allowing it to seep into the surrounding area.

If you feel that you are getting any of these drainage signs then Aquatech Drains can push you in the right direction to getting the problem solved quickly and efficiently and receive free recommendations and quotations from us with also a free site investigation to discover why you are getting these problems.