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Vermin in your drains!

How do vermin enter your property?

Vermin can enter you property through improperly installed or damaged drains via the main sewers. Main sewers being overly populated with vermin increase the risk of vermin entering your own private drainage system, so making sure your drains are in a good working order is crucial to prevent any vermin entering. Common issues from vermin entering your drains is through a u bend (interceptor) before it connects to the mains. The interceptor being faulty or broken allows them to freely enter and begin to cause damage. Once they are able to freely move around your drainage system they can seek for entry points into your property from open joints in your drains pipework or through any structural damage to your drainage that allows them to tunnel and dig into the surrounding grounds.

Prevention of vermin

The most efficient solution to resolving this problem is to carry-out a cctv drain survey and investigation into your drainage system that will allow you to visually see how they're entering your property. Once discovered there are several ways dependant on how the vermin are entering to seal and resolve the issue efficiently. As stated before the most common way is through the faulty u bend that links your own private drainage to the main sewers. If this is the case Aquatech have a very cost-effective solution to resolving this, which is by replacing the faulty u bend with a non-return valve that simply allows the waste water to exit with no allowance of vermin to enter by a one-way flap. See our 'pest control' page for a further insight into this solution for you drainage system.

Rat trap installed into main drains

Overall conclusion

Overall vermin can cause very unpleasant problems to you as they enter your drainage and property, therefore resolving the issue quickly and effectively is crucial and with our experience and knowledge we can certainly achieve this. Aquatech have carried-out and resolved countless vermin issues in drainage for our customers with the most cost-effective solution for you and ensure that vermin can no longer enter your private drainage and property. So contact the team and discuss further with your issue.

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