When is a CCTV Drain Survey necessary?

A cctv drain survey is pretty much a visual recording of your drainage system and enables us to see the ins and outs of your drainage and if there may be any faults in the system. With the modern day technology the drainage camera equipment allows us to visually see in the deep depths of the drainage system with full colouring and LED‘s.

So when is it necessary to have a cctv drain survey?

When buying a property.

we highly recommend when looking to buy a property that you have a cctv drain survey carried out on the existing drainage of the property. This is to ensure that the drainage is all in good condition and working properly before you sign any papers on the property. Therefore receiving a drain survey will enable you to full discover any possible problems with the drainage system, as you’re unable to identify by just looking around whether there are any blocked or structural damage in the drains which is something you definitely don’t want happening to you as soon as you buy the property. As a result you have the reassurance of a property purchase with a full flowing drainage system.

When there is reoccurring blocked drains.

When you’re getting reoccurring blocked drains then this is a massive sign that your drainage is faulty and is not functioning as it should be. Therefore we would highly recommend on carrying out a cctv drain survey on your drains to investigate and discover what the issue is causing it to constantly block-up. We can then identify the drainage fault whether it’s structural damage or just an object that is blocking the flow and rectify the problem quickly and efficiently. Our cctv drain surveys would visually show you the cause of the blockages and with recommendations on resolving the issue at low costs. As a result you don’t want to keep paying out for getting your drains unblocked by a professional drainage engineer and so getting to the bottom of the issue and resolving it would leave you blockage free!

For regular inspections and maintenance.

By having a cctv drain survey for a regular inspection on your drains could potentially save you money further down the line. This is because we would be able to inspect your drains internally to ensure they are fully flowing with no signs of damage. However your drains could potentially have a build-up of scale in the pipe which is a very common issue and so by discovering the scale we would be able to recommend on the removal of it at low costs and save you problems in the future from occurring blocked drains. If solved earlier than later the drainage problems can be resolved a lot cheaper and therefore save you money in the long run.

Overall if you’re thinking about getting a cctv drain survey on your drains then contact us today and we can guarantee a competive cost for you whether it’s domestic or commercial. Aquatech Drains provide a friendly and professional service.

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